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Natural Advantage carries products for all of your medical cannabis needs in the Colorado Springs, CO area. Along with our friendly and knowledgeable staff, we have a variety to choose from of edibles, accessories and more. Please come visit us today!

Our MMJ Products Include:

Phoenix Tears - made from the highest quality bud producing premium quality hemp oil.

Hash - made from cannabinoid-rich glandular hairs known as trichomes, as well as buds and leaf trim.

Edibles - Offering a variety of medicated foods:

  • Sarah's Medicated Teas - a soothing blend of herbs and ganja wrapped up in little pouches ready to enjoy hot or cold.

  • Canna Chews - Canna Edibles are Premium THC-infused edibles using the highest quality of ingredients and cannabis ensuring consistency, taste, and potency in your medication.

  • Canna Tabs - CannaTabs are made by infusing sugar with organic Honey Oil. These small pills are delivered sublingually and contain 20 to 25 mg of active cannabinoids per tablet. This gives you the ability and peace of mind to conveniently, discreetly and accurately dose medical cannabis throughout the day to help manage your symptoms.

  • Brownies - Delicious medicated brownies.

  • Chex Mix - Classic snack only medicated.

  • Chex Mix 4X - Same as above only stronger...4 times stronger.

  • Medicated Lollipops - comes in a variety of flavors.

  • Infused Honey Sticks - Delicious medicated honey that can be used in teas and more.

Tinctures – This fine organic extract can be used by many patients to to alleviate symptoms associated with nausea, chronic pain, depression, anxiety, etc.

Accessories – Water pipes, pipes, grinders, rolling papers, rolling machines, dug outs, vaporizers (volcanos) and Atmos Herbal Vaporizers (Electronic Cigarette)!


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