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Natural Advantage sells only the finest 100% hand trimmed properly cured variety.


Sativa - Efficient in the treatment of depression and anxiety as it arouses brain activity and offers a dynamic high. Get lifted and be happy.

Island Sweet Skunk Skunk crossed with Grapefruit. Large orange hairs. Smells and tastes amazing. Great Sativa high. Long lasting.
Jack The Ripper Good day smoke. Potent. Lots of crystals. Thought provoking. Dense buds.
Jilly Bean Orange Skunk crossed with C99 crossed with Romulan. Upbeat happy buzz. Pleasant smell and taste. Good for bad days. Great Sativa high. Amazing get the day started smoke.
Kali Mist Lots of THC glands. Great look and smell. Good day smoke. Sweet flavor. A sativa connoisseur strain.
Super Lemon Haze Lemon Skunk crossed with Super Silver Haze. Great heavy day smoke. Wont knock you out. Lemon smell and taste.



Indica - Higher in CBD for those seeking a mental lift and an intoxicating body high, with flavors ranging anywhere from savory to fruity. Indica is therapeutic for a wide range of ailments. Get floored and be at peace.

Blue Kush Heavy good smoke. Kush taste. Medium lasting fuelish smell.
Black Russian Heavy good high. More of an afternoon smoke. Lazy weed. Earthy smell and taste.
G 13-P Tight frosty purple dense buds. Great Heavy high. Medium lasting.
G 13-Haze Fuelish smell. Tight dense popcorn buds. Lots of crystals.
God Bud Good head high. Medium lasting. Lazy Weed. Earthy smell and flavor.
Grape Ape Very tight dense purple buds. Heavy night smoke. Great flavor! Good for pain. Another grower's favorite.
LA Confidential Good head high. Strong. Tight dense buds. Earthy small and flavor.
Pot Of Gold Hindu Kush crossed with Skunk. Nice vibrant red hairs. Great sweet smell. Hashy and fruity taste. Medium-Heavy smoke.
Purple Urkle Tight dense buds. Heavy smoke. Pleasant smell. Great bud and crystal structure. Great for insomnia.
Romulan Dense popcorn buds. Pine smell almost menthol. Good high. Medium lasting. Good for pain.



Hybrids - The best of both worlds. They are cross-bred strains created to retain certain elements of Sativa and Indica, for a customized essence, taste and buzz.

Blue Dream Very pleasant smell and taste. Good day smoke. Wont put you down. Blueberry crossed with Haze.
Cheese Strong and long lasting. Interesting smell and good flavor.
Chiesel Cheese crossed with NYC Diesel. Strong smell. Functioning high.
Flav (60/40) Romulan crossed with Space Queen. Long lasting great clean high. High crystal content.  Good flavor. One of the grower's favorites.
Flo-Jo Great up beat buzz. Good flavor and smell. Medium lasting.
Ice (50/50) Smells great. Very high THC content. Lazy confusing medicine. Not a good day smoke.
King Kush Lighter smell. Good Kush flavor. Good smoke.
Master Kush Hindu Kush crossed with Skunk. Mellow and relaxing smoke. Strong earthy smell. Lots of crystals.

OG Kush

Potent good smoke. An old school favorite.
Red Dragon Brazilian crossed with Afghani - You can see where if got its name! Nice almost red large buds. Very dense. Medium smoke.
Really Killer Skunk (60/40) Strong smoke. Long lasting. Earthy smell and taste. Very high THC content.
Sensi Star Heavy smoke. Good head high. Medium lasting. Looks and smell great. Affects people in different ways.
Strawberry Cough Great smoke. Tight purple little dense buds. Heavy smell and taste.
Sour Cream Sour Diesel crossed with G 13-Haze. Great morning or day smoke. Light smell and flavor. Long lasting.
Super Nova Chronic Good smoke. Pleasant earthy taste. High THC content.
White Widow Mostly Sativa. Great clean high. Powerful and energetic. Long lasting. Tons of THC.



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